Adult Literacy
English as a Second Language


We strive to provide our volunteers and students with the resources and skills to meet thier goals. Each program offered provides a specialized curriculum to meet the specific needs of the student. Through entrance interviews and basic assessments, the Literacy Council is able to match the student to the program they will benefit from most.

Basic Literacy Program

Attaining this basic knowledge is fundamental to providing a better life for yourself and your family. With our one-on-one and small group tutoring opportunities we are able to embrace each student's unique learning style and unlock previous learning blocks. This program is designed to make the student feel confident and secure in their learning abilities.
The Volusia Literacy Council offers one-on-one or small group tutoring for adults (16+ y/o, separated from public/private school setting) who perform basic literacy skills in reading, language and math below the 9th grade level. We use Nationally Approved instructional  material and trained volunteer tutors.

GED Preparation


The General Education Diploma (GED) is a test certifying the taker's attainment of American High School level skills or equivalent. The test is comprised of five sections: Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts, Reading, and Writing.
Having a GED will open up new opportunities and give you a distinct sense of accomplishment. It can create eligibility for jobs which you would not otherwise be qualified for, allowing the ability to earn more money in your lifetime. It can also increase financial security, and allow you to pursue higher education or obtain a degree in the area of a qualified skill. Most importantly, it will encourage your friends and family to seek out and attain educational opportunities and milestones as well.
The Volusia Literacy Council is partnered with Daytona State's GED course to prep you for the test!
ESL Tutoring
ESL means "English as a Second Language". Studies show that student who speak a foreign language consistently perform lower than native English speakers in the Florida school systems, and this translates into adulthood.
Our one-on-one tutoring program helps to develop English competency by providing instruction in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending the English language. This instruction will increase their abilities in many areas such as: seeking citizenship, employment, education, and life opportunities to learning how to shop for groceries, fill out job applications, or get a license in the United States.
Family Literacy
Research shows that children are put at more risk when: Parents have low literacy skills, English is a second language in the home, they are at or below poverty, there is a lack of a print-rich environment, or lack of parents' involvement in children's education, and/or children are not being read to or talked with often.
Family literacy works to improve the educational performance of children by fostering a learning partnership between schools, teachers, and parents. As parents increase their academic skills, they are better able to support their children's education while also increasing their likelihood of gainful employment. Literacy directly affects the role and effectiveness of parents when helping their children learn. If parents understand the language and literacy lessons their children are learning, they can provide the mentoring necessary for their children to succeed.
Workplace Literacy
The changing economy is requiring a higher demand of skilled workers. If employees perform literacy skills below the 9th grade level, they are hindered in their ability to perform at that demand. Likewise, there is an increasing need for effective workplace education programs because of new and increasing demands in technology, communications, and safety hazard requirements. Due to this, employees are continually put in a position to expand their set of skills and productivity.
This program can be hosted at the employer's site and focus on general literacy instruction, English as a second language, and/or specific literacy skills related to the business (ex: resource or technical manuals) for effective communication on the job. Advantages to this program include a motivating learning environment,  access to hands-on learning and resources as well as the ability to directly apply what you have learned to the job.